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Pipe made of reinforced concrete used for under-gound cable protection, culverts, drainage etc. Hume means soil.

Concrete, stone-like substance hardened by mixing cement, sand, gravel and water, provides good compression strength. Its poor tensile strength is offset by adding reinforcements.

- Cement increases strength and durability.
- Always use as little water as possible as it decreases strength and durability. Water is required for a workable mix.
- Maintain a balance between fine and coarse aggregates. Too much of fine aggregates will leave the mix sticky and too much of coarse aggregates will ruin the finishing.
An NP2 Class RCC Hume Pipe manufactured by Srinivasa Pipe Industries
The RCC pipes can be manufactured by vertical casting process or (horizontal) spinning process.

In the vertical cast process, the concrete in placed in the mould and the inner core is vibrated to achieve compaction. This method allows production of higher number of pipes per mould each day.

The pipes can also be manufactured by spinning the mould horizontally. This method is flexible and produces higher strength pipes.
NP refers to Non Pressure pipes. They do not have a pressure rating and are suitable for conveying a liquid only by gravity (ex: irrigation, culverts, water drainage etc) or telephone/TV/electrical cable protection.

NP2 Class RCC Hume Pipes manufactured by Srinivasa Pipe Industries
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